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The following is a press release from HSM Ammunition

For avid varmint hunters east to west, north to south, HSM Ammunition, Stevensville, Montana, proudly announces “Varmint Blue.” The little blue thrill—always ready when you are!

Initially offered in .223 Rem., with a proprietary 55 gr. bullet. The magic of “Varmint Blue” lies in the exclusive HSM blue thrill polymer tip. Great expansion, amazing penetration.

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HSM “Varmint Blue” in .223 Rem. is available today at your favorite shooting sports retailer. Other choice varmint calibers will be added to this exciting new line soon. When you need a straight shooter. . .go to “Varmint Blue!”

All of the HSM “Varmint Blue” loads are/will be meticulously crafted with only premium components. The clean burning, temperature stable powder used allows for very consistent velocity and performance. To cure your projectile dysfunction! Ideal for all AR platforms.

HSM Ammunition has been producing outstanding metallic cartridges for nearly 50 years now. They have earned a well-deserved stellar reputation from hunters, law enforcement, and military world-wide. Besides the new “Varmint Blue” line, HSM produces excellent cartridges for virtually every caliber of pistols, revolvers, and rifles extant. Specialty lines include “Trophy Gold” and “Varmint Gold” featuring highest quality Berger bullets; a complete (both handgun and rifle) Cowboy Action subdivision, and; the exclusive “Bear Load,” for when you need to stop a dangerous situation NOW. In all, over 950 specific offerings.

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To learn more about the new HSM “Varmint Blue,” the little blue thrill, and all the other superior products from HSM Ammunition, please visit the website at http://www.TheHuntingShack.com or e-mail [email protected].

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