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The following is a press release from The Mako Group

Since the just-for-fun contests of the 1980s, to a full-blown competitive sport, 3-gun has seen a major surge in popularity over the past few decades. The timed sport lends itself to fun for all ages, but what’s most important is that 3-gun remain as safe as possible. On close-range courses, ricochet is always a major concern. If you choose RTS Target Systems, the worry of ricochet can be entirely eliminated.

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RTS Target Systems are made 100 percent of non-metal materials, which means no ricochets! The target is made of self-healing polymer that recovers after taking thousands of rounds. The lightweight pole and base are also metal-free and easy to transport.

Not only are RTS Targets designed with an emphasis on safety, but they’re also designed to be a heckuva lotta fun! The targets include a wireless electronic hits counter, so there’s no need to leave your position. Additionally, RTS Targets can be set to fall over when they absorb a hit. The sensitivity on the target can be adjusted to knock over with one single shot or a series of rapid-fire shots.

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The Mako Group is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the best tactical equipment and weapon accessories that have been proven in combat. Products designed for the Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli Security and Israeli Police by Meprolight, FAB Defense, E-Lander Magazines, Front Line Holsters and RTS Target Systems, are fully available to the U.S. market. Please “like” The Mako Group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and products.


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