A woman in Smyrna, Georgia, flung herself onto the hood of her car, thinking that the 15-year-old kid trying to steal it from a carwash would stop. She was wrong. According to police, the 28-year-old woman was vacuuming her Honda Accord when the thief climbed behind the wheel. Police said he drove away, even with the screaming woman clinging to the hood.

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A computer specialist for the city of Smyrna was there, too, said Officer C.D. Graeff, a police spokesman. According to the police report, the woman told investigators that the city worker ordered the carjacker to stop. When that didn’t work, the city employee retrieved his concealed firearm, Graeff said.

The woman said “he fired one shot into the car to save her,” according to the police report. The thief was wounded in the shoulder. He then “stopped the car and rolled out of the driver’s seat.” The woman was unhurt.

“She said she was so thankful that the man shot into the car because she was afraid the suspect was going to throw her from the vehicle,” the report stated.

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Graeff added that the city employee “then held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.” The juvenile suspect, who was from nearby Atlanta, was taken to the hospital. He faces charges of aggravated assault and auto theft. The city employee went to the police station for questioning but, according to police, will not face any charges.


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