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The following is a press release from Lyman

The market’s largest and most powerful ultrasonic cleaning system: The Lyman Turbo Sonic Power Pro is more capable than ever! Not only does the Power Pro meticulously clean brass and firearms with its extra long heated tank and ten powerful industrial grade transducers, but when paired with the Accessory Lube Tank and new volume sized 5 gallon Turbo Sonic Gun Lube, it can tackle any project. From sonic cleaning thousands of brass cases to lubing entire upper receivers and several hand guns the Turbo Sonic Power Pro has got you covered!

* Turbo Sonic Power Professional (#7631734) MSRP: $1595.00
* Power Pro Accessory Lube Tank (#7631739) MSRP: $309.95
* Turbo Sonic 5 gal. Barrel & Gun Parts Lube (#7631754) MSRP: $319.95


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