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Spyderco‘s Mule Team Project has unveiled its 20th knife which features a 3.46″ blade made of Carpenter CTS B70P – a high-chromium, air-hardening steel alloyed with molybdenum, vanadium and niobium. In addition, this knife features an overall length and weight of of 7.63″ and 2.8 oz, respectively. It is available at an MSRP of $79.95.

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“For those of you unfamiliar with our Mule Team Project, it is unique to Spyderco,” according to Spyderco’s website. “In-house we call knife samples designed and built for testing and evaluation Mules. We know a healthy percentage of knife users are interested in different blade steels and their performance abilities. Running with that, we released an ongoing Mule Team Project. Several times per year we unveil the same single-piece fixed blade patterned knife in a different and exotic blade steel. This lets steel-obsessed knife knuts test, try and use something normally not offered to the industry. Product runs are limited to 600 – 1000 pieces of each steel type depending on foundry requirements.

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“Mule Blades are leaf-shaped with a sharpened and finished PlainEdge blade but with an unfinished handle providing a do-it-yourself opportunity. The unfinished handle has a series of holes for attaching custom handle scales or for wrapping with para-cord. Each piece is sold without handle scales or a carry sheath focusing the project on the blade steel. This opens endless creative possibilities for the owner to design their own handle scale and carry options.”


* Length overall: 7.63″ (194 mm)
* blade length: 3.46″ (88 mm)
* blade steel: CTS B70P
* cutting edge: 3.35″ (85 mm)
* weight: 2.8 oz (79 g)
* blade thickness: 0.118″ (3.0 mm)
* handle material: N/A

For more information about the Spyderco Mule Team 20, and the full range of products currently offered at Spyderco, visit http://www.spyderco.com

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