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Stevens has expanded its 320 line with four new 20-gauge pump shotguns. Two field grade versions—standard and youth—as well as two security models are available. The Stevens 320 pump shotgun series has a reputation for solid, affordable performance for everything from wingshooting to home defense. Shipments of these products are currently being delivered.

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The new 20-gauge shotguns boast the same features as their 12-gauge counterparts, with dual slide bars, a rotary bolt, rugged synthetic stock, and five-round magazine. Yet, these lightweight, reliable firearms are priced at or below $260.

Features & Benefits

• Built on the popular 12-gauge model 320 pump shotgun platform
• Dual slide bars
• Rotary bolt
• Rugged synthetic stock
• Five-plus-one capacity

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Part No. / Description / MSRP

22436 / Field Grade, 26-inch vent rib barrel / $235
22437 / Youth Field Grade, 22-inch vent rib barrel / $235
22438 / Security, 18 1/2-inch barrel, pistol grip / $260
22439 / Security, 18 1/2-inch barrel, ghost ring, pistol grip / $260

Stevens by Savage Arms™ is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. To learn more about Stevens and Savage Arms, visit http://www.savagearms.com.

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