Molded for a secure fit to a variety of handgun designs, the open-muzzle Thumb Break Paddle Holster from Tagua Gunleather is made from premium-grade saddle leather. A reinforced thumb break provides a positive snap release while double stitching on the two-piece construction supplies increased durability during everyday carry. Available in either right- or left-handed configurations, the high-ride holster sits at a forward angle and will fit any belts up to 1.75 inches in width.

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About Tagua Gunleather

Tagua Gunleather is celebrating 10 years in business. The company reached this important milestone because of their commitment to give you the best concealment holsters at a great price. We stay true to our roots, and focus on:

* Designs, durability and quality. All leather products are handcrafted with 100% genuine cowhide.
* A “no-questions-asked” Lifetime Warranty that guarantees your satisfaction.
* Comfort and convenience. Tagua designs great new products in response to evolving customer needs.
* Tagua is a socially responsible company and strives to be good corporate citizens.

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For more information about the Tagua Thumb Break Paddle Holster, please visit or call 866-638-2482

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