UnderTech UnderCover, Men’s Professional V-Neck
UnderTech UnderCover - Men’s Professional V-Neck
(Photo by UnderTech UnderCover)

The following is a press release from UnderTech UnderCover

Since 2009, UnderTech UnderCover has been the concealed carry “garment of choice” for FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, deep undercover and plainclothes law enforcement officers. Since no company ever truly serves its customers by resting on its laurels, UnderTech UnderCover has always kept an open dialog with these professionals.

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Our steadfast policy of listening closely to our customers wants, and needs, has resulted in a number of significant improvements in our signature garments… from different fabrics; to a wider variety of colors and styles; to better fitting, more retentive holsters. This same policy, combined with exhaustive market research, has prompted the creation of a whole new class of UTUC concealment garments – The Professional Series.

Designed for front line operatives who must maintain a constant state of extreme preparedness, the UTUC Professional Series allows the wearer to securely, and comfortably carry three full sized magazines… along with virtually any size handgun in our newly redesigned holster.

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The first garment offered in this exciting new series, the Men’s Professional V-Neck, is currently available in black or white, and in sizes from Small to Triple X.

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