Fans of the American Airgunner series got a special treat as hosts Rossi Morreale, Jim Chapman and Rick Eutsler recently sat down with Tom Gaylord, the “godfather of airguns” to learn more about his classic air-powered pistols as well as the history of collectible designs from the 1950s and 1960s.

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The segment includes a discussion the classic WAMO line of air guns, which were unique in that they relied on the power of traditional “roll caps” to propel their BBs to the target. The company’s Kruger design, which closely resembled the World War II-era Luger pistol, is particularly interesting because of its ability to also fire small dart-like projectiles and, in an even later variant, #6 shotgun shot.

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WAMO’s Western-style HAIG revolver, another cap-propelled, single-shot air pistol, is also discussed for its collector value and its realistic six-shooter aesthetic.

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