Aftermarket handgun sights have come a long way. The “gold standard” used to be a front sight inlaid with gold and a rear sight that could be adjusted for windage and elevation. Gold sights are still around, but today we can choose from dozens of state-of-the-art tactical and target sights from companies like Trijicon, XS Sights, Novak, Meprolight, Ameriglo, TruGlo, Heinie, Advanced Tactical, Wilson Combat and many others. These new designs include low-profile, all-black tactical sights, colored sights and sights with various inserts that contain tritium lamps, colored polymer, fiber optics, tritium-filled fiber optics and photoluminescent polymers and laminates.

Nearly all of the major gun manufacturers offer high-tech sights as factory upgrades. But even if they don’t, mounting some aftermarket sights isn’t difficult to do by yourself. That’s because the plain black sights on handguns are usually mounted in dovetails or held in place with pins or Allen screws. This allows gunsmiths to fit aftermarket sights to pistols and revolvers without a lot of expensive modifications. Here are some of the best available sights on today’s market.


Dead Ringer


Advantage Tactical


The Mako Group





Wilson Combat


XS Sight Systems


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