The gun world has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. While the advent and continued development of lightweight, polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols has become an industry essential, a steel link to the past remains. The classic 1911 pistol, declared “outdated” and “obsolete” by some, has managed not only to hold its ground, but gain a larger following in today’s firearms marketplace. This is especially true with custom 1911s. Part exceptional firearm and part piece of art, they are on many people’s wish lists. While there are a number of great 1911 gun builders in the U.S., we will take this opportunity to look at 12 of them and their outstanding artwork.


Cabot Guns

Chambers Custom Pistols

Ed Brown

Fusion Firearms

Heirloom Custom

Jardine’s Custom

Nighthawk Custom

Pistol Dynamics

Republic Forge

Stan Chen Customs

Volkmann Precision

Wilson Combat


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