Safariland HK VP9 Holsters

Safariland has expanded its holster line for the Heckler & Koch VP series. Fits are available in the 7TS holster series and in holsters with the highly durable SafariLaminate molded construction, providing shooters with more than 30 models to choose from, including duty, concealment and tactical options. The SafariLaminate offerings also include fits for the most popular weapon-mounted lights. (; 800-347-1200)

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Kahr C-Series Night Sights

Because night sights work in low- or no-light situations, they’re perfect for home protection. Now, three of Kahr Arms’ most popular 9mm models—the CM9093N, CW9093N and CT9093N—will now be available with night sights. All three models feature a black polymer frame; a matte stainless steel slide; a drift-adjustable, white bar-dot combat rear sight; and a pinned, polymer, front night sight. (; 508-795-3919)

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FLUGZ Earplugs

Advanced hearing protection—for your ears only! FLUGZ are a completely new and unique kind of formable hearing protection for shooters. By microwaving the earpieces for 30 seconds in the included “steamer” container, the earpieces will become almost instantly pliable, allowing you to customize their shape to your ear’s dimensions. It’s recommended to do one plug at a time. The resulting custom fit guarantees reliable hearing protection whether you’re putting in long hours on the range or in the field! (

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MTR Quick-Snap Holster

The Deluxe Full-Size Quick-Snap holster from MTR Custom Leather is handcrafted with double snaps on each leather strap for twice the security. This holster also has a reinforced mouth for easy reholstering and a sweat shield to help protect you from the sharp edges on the weapon while also protecting the weapon from your body oils or sweat. The holster fully conceals the full length of the weapon while carrying OWB and also provides a small forward cant for an easy draw. (; 336-879-2166)

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Heinie Glock Sights

Heinie Specialty Products has developed sights for the subcompact Glock 42 and Glock 43 pistols. The rear sight features the proven Heinie Ledge design, which allows the pistol to be cycled with one hand in emergencies by hooking the rear sight on objects such as clothing, holster, belt or wall. The front and rear sights each contain a Heinie Straight Eight tritium vial for use in low light. The vertical two-dot alignment is faster and less confusing than a three-dot alignment. (; 217-228-9500)

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BlackHawk SERPA

BlackHawk has four new SERPA holsters, including one for the new Glock 43 and three models to accommodate popular duty pistols. Featuring two levels of retention, the SERPA CQC Concealment Holster delivers unmatched speed and reliability. In addition to the Glock 43 model, SERPA models are now available for the FNS 9/40, the Sig Sauer P250/P320, the CZ 75 and more. The holsters are available in right- and left-hand configurations with a matte finish. (; 800-379-1732)

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