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The best holster works better when supported by a heavy duty belt designed specifically for carrying a firearm. The CrossBreed® Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt is a marriage of the best belt materials and the pinnacle of buckle quality.

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Starting with the unmatched buckle quality of the Ares Ageis Buckle made from 4oz of bead blasted 17-4PH Stainless Steel, this robust yet refined buckle will last a lifetime. We match this buckle with a Crossbreed belt to form the perfect cross of style and function. CrossBreed® belts start with hides specifically tanned to the specification of Crossbreed®. Once these hides are in house they are cut into the desired width of belt strips and hand leveled to ensure an even 7oz thickness. Each strip is matched cross grain with a premium 7oz leather liner using industrial adhesive. Each belt is beveled, burnished, and then recessed stitched with 277 thread. The belts will be approximately ¼” thick resulting in a strong belt with superior support for your carry needs, while still offering flexibility for comfortable every day wear. The finished and refined look of this belt will find a niche’ in your dress wardrobe as often as your daily carry. Because we use the best leather, there is no need for a stiffening insert like a lesser quality belt uses.

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Belts are available in 1.5″ widths. With no holes in the belt you are able to choose a large range of adjustment. Other options include option of four thread colors and three buckle colors.

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