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(Photo by Springfield Armory)

The following is a press release from Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory® has officially launched its latest promotion, “Gear Up & Go.” Purchase any new Springfield Armory® handgun between Sept. 1-Dec. 31, 2015 to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

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Customers will earn two free magazines, a ballistic nylon dual-pistol range bag and a double-mag pouch ($135 value) free with purchase of any new Springfield Armory® handgun.

Eligible firearms include any products in the Springfield Armory® XD®, XD® Mod.2™, XD(M)®, XD-S® or 1911 series.

This promotion is part of Springfield Armory®’s continued dedication to providing its customers with high-quality firearms.

“The ‘Gear Up & Go’ promotion is truly a thank-you to our loyal customers,” Springfield Armory® Marketing Director Chad Dyer said. “We’re preparing both experienced and new shooters with a reliable firearm and – an added bonus – the tools they need to operate it safely and comfortably at the range.”

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About Springfield Armory®

“The first name in American firearms,” Springfield Armory® was founded in 1777, when George Washington ordered the creation of an armory to store ammunition and gun carriages during the American Revolution. In 1794, the armory began to manufacture muskets and spent the next 150 years supplying firearms for every major American conflict. The original armory closed in 1968. In 1974, the Reese family took ownership of the Springfield Armory name and began making the M1A™ rifle. Today, Springfield Armory develops many products loyal to its heritage, like the 1911 pistol, while ensuring its future with innovative products, including the XD®, XD® Mod.2™, XD(M)®, XD-S® polymer pistols.

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