The XD series has proven to be a very popular addition to the polymer-framed pistol market here in the United States. Sold by Springfield Armory—and backed with an ironclad lifetime warranty—the XD delivers impressive capabilities and power. And, in the interests of taking the platform to the next level, Springfield introduced the Mod.2 variant of the XD, which combines enhanced grip textures along with a slimmed frame for impressive ergonomics and handling.

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The newest addition to the family is the 9mm XD Mod.2 4” Service Model, which takes the best of the standard XD and makes it even better. The heart of the Mod.2 system is Springfield’s “Grip Zone,” which covers the frame with three separate zones of surface texturing. The Zone 1 texturing is featured on the central portions of the front- and backstrap of the pistol. The wraparound side panels of the frame sport Zone 2 texturing, which is the most aggressive of the three types. The rest of the frame features Zone 3 texturing, which is smoother and is designed to supplement the first two texture types. These, combined with the slimmer frame, help to ensure you exert the most control possible over the pistol.

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In addition to the enhanced gripping areas, the new XD features all the tried-and-true features fans have come to love about the XD series. From its great trigger to its effective grip safety to its top-mounted loaded chamber indicator, there is a lot to like here.

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