Facing overwhelming odds, King Leonidas I commanded a small force of Spartans and other Greeks against the full might of the Persian army. His skillful command and fighting prowess, along with the unbreakable will of his troops, combined to inflict massive losses on the invaders. The courage and devotion to duty demonstrated by the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae have inspired countless generations of fighting men for more than 2,000 years. It is that inspiration that led Sig Sauer to develop the P238 Spartan pistol.

Finished with an oil-rubbed bronze PVD finish, this stainless steel pistol is striking in appearance. PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is a metal coating process that is used in the aerospace and automotive industries. The process improves the corrosion and wear resistance of metal. It can also be used to produce unique color options not available with other forms of finishing. The pistol’s custom stocks are black and have an inlaid Spartan helmet. “Molon Labe,” Greek for “come and get it,” is engraved in the slide. Without a doubt, this pistol has a striking design.

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As with other P238 pistols, the Spartan is a single-action-only design. The trigger is light and crisp, not unlike a quality 1911 pistol. The gun has a manual safety that is large enough to quickly disengage, but not so large as to get in the way when carrying concealed.

The P238 is chambered in .380 ACP. This round has seen a resurgence as a self-defense round in recent years. As a result, high-quality personal protection loads are available for it from Hornady, Federal Premium, Winchester Ammunition and other companies. Typically, the P238 pistol would ship with a flush-fitting, six-round magazine. For the Spartan, Sig Sauer ships a seven-round magazine that is fitted with an X-Grip magazine adapter. The X-Grip effectively lengthens the grip of the gun, giving the shooter additional space to wrap his hand around. Just over 1 inch wide, the Spartan is less than 4 inches tall and will conceal relatively easily in a pocket with a good quality holster.

While some may argue that a pocket pistol is not the handgun of choice for a modern warrior, I’d say otherwise. The Spartans taught us that tactics and the will to fight are as important as the tool carried. The Sig Sauer P238 is a high-quality firearm, and having one in your pocket demonstrates your preparedness and willingness to defend yourself. I’d say that is keeping in the Spartan tradition.

Designer Defense

sig, sig sauer, sig sauer pistol, Sig Sauer P238 Rainbow
Sig Sauer P238 Rainbow

While the Spartan is bound to catch the attention of many shooters, it is certainly not the only compact pistol made by Sig Sauer. Few guns will catch the eye of a shooter quite like the P238 Rainbow. Both the slide and external controls have a rainbow titanium finish that has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Matched to the incredible slide finish is the Nitron frame and beautiful rosewood grips.

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Sig Sauer equips the P238 Rainbow with the highly effective SIGLITE night sights and a crisp single-action trigger. The flush-fitting magazines hold six rounds of .380 ACP ammunition. Unloaded, the gun weighs less than a pound with the magazine. Although it is a shame to hide the brilliant finish, this Sig makes for an excellent pocket carry gun.

Sig’s P238 Black Pearl has an understated beauty that many shooters will appreciate. A polished black Nitron slide is detailed with scrollwork. Black pearl grips offer a clean and refined look that blends well with the engraved slide. The frame and controls have a matte Nitron finish that properly frames the more custom components. As a part of the P238 family, the Black Pearl is a single-action pistol chambered in .380 ACP. Six-round, flush-fitting magazines are standard. Also standard are the night sights. Thin and light, the gun can be discreetly carried at even the most extravagant affair without creating telltale bulges.

Hardcore Nines

sig, sig sauer, sig sauer pistol, Sig Sauer P290RS Enhanced
Sig Sauer P290RS Enhanced

The P290RS Enhanced is a practical gun with a touch of flair that offers double-action-only operation and a polymer frame. This compact 9mm handgun is hammer fired and restrike capable. The removable side plates have G10 grips with a subtle, eye-catching pattern and improved texture.

A serious combat pistol, the P290RS Enhanced comes standard with SIGLITE night sights that are drift adjustable. The rear sight has a hard front edge for emergency slide manipulation with only one hand. The single-stack magazines hold six rounds and help keep the overall width of the gun under 1 inch. The gun is compatible with a laser aiming module also available from Sig Sauer.

Slightly larger than the P238 series of pistols, the P938 keeps the same general look and feel but is chambered in 9mm. The P938 Scorpion has the look of a serious handgun with the sting to back it up. The pistol is finished in Flat Dark Earth on an anodized frame. Controls, including the trigger, ambidextrous safety and slide stop, are finished in black.

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The Scorpion is equipped with a seven-round extended magazine that allows for a full grip on the pistol. Frontstrap serrations and Hogue Extreme G10 grips further improve the ability to get a solid grasp on the gun in harsh environments.

A citizen armed with the P938 Nightmare is one of the most terrifying prospects to a potential attacker. This compact 9mm slips easily into a pocket and stays well hidden until its services are needed. With standard magazines, this gun gives the armed good guy 6+1 rounds of defensive firepower to ward off armed assailants in the darkest of nights. Sig Sauer equips this pistol with SIGLITE night sights. Nickel controls contrast nicely against the black frame. Black G10 grips look good on the pistol but, more importantly, help the good guy hold onto the pistol during rapid fire and wet conditions.

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