They say that beauty is only skin deep, but when the object of that beauty is a Kimber, skin deep is more than enough. When Kimber came out with the Sapphire Ultra II, based on its Ultra Aegis II 9mm with a 3-inch barrel, it became a gun that raised eyebrows because the first impression was, “It’s a woman’s gun with a glitzy sapphire gemstone glow.” But the more you looked at it and handled it, the more you liked it. It’s not gender specific, it is a sharp-looking, eye-catching finish on an otherwise handcrafted 9mm pistol.

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The 9mm Sapphire Ultra II, Solo Carry Sapphire and Sapphire Pro II use Kimber’s satin silver, KimPro II-finished aluminum frame and a cut scroll engraved slide that’s finished in an iridescent blue similar in brilliance to nitrite blue. But unlike traditional nitrite blue finishes, which are easily worn, the PVD blue finish on the Kimber models is exceptionally durable and very easy to keep clean without fear of wearing down the finish. The same brilliant sapphire blue hue is also on the slide release, the ambidextrous thumb safety, the dual magazine releases and even the hex-head screws securing the ball-milled Micarta or G10 Grips.

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To provide a subtle contrast, Kimber’s aluminum, match-grade trigger has a satin silver finish to complement the satin silver KimPro II frame and triggerguard. In every other respect, these are very similar Kimber models. Meprolight tritium three-dot night sights and a unique look make these handcrafted pistols not only ideal for concealed carry, but some of the best-looking pistols on the market today.

Onyx & Diamond

Gemstones come in all colors, and so do Kimber firearms, with the very black Onyx versions of the same models, and the elegant Diamond series with its special grips and brilliant, mirror-polished slides that also feature cut scroll border engraving. The Diamond Ultra II in .45 ACP or 9mm has aluminum, ball-milled grips, while the Micro Diamond in .380 ACP comes with ball-milled ivory Micarta grips. Both also come with Meprolight tritium three-dot night sights. In all other respects, however, they are very similar to the guns in the standard and Sapphire series versions.

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The Onyx Ultra II in 9mm and .45 ACP offers the same engraved slide as the Diamond and Sapphire models, but it’s finished in a deep, polished black PVD coating. The subcompact pistol comes with fixed Tactical Wedge tritium night sights, a round-heel grip frame, ball-milled grooves on the frontstrap and black, ball-milled Micarta grips.

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