Having made a name for itself developing drop-in performance parts for the popular Smith & Wesson line of M&P pistols, Apex Tactical Specialties has set it sights upon another exceedingly popular pistol line with its new Action Enhancement Trigger for Glocks.

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Taking what makes the Glock trigger good and making it even better, the new trigger system from Apex replaces the factory polymer trigger with an anodized aluminum trigger body. Featuring a center-mounted pivoting safety, the trigger is designed to reduce pre-travel and overall travel, shorten the reset and provide a very crisp trigger break.

The black anodized trigger requires no gunsmithing to install and is designed as a direct drop-in replacement for the factory trigger. Apex is offering it in two variants: The first is the Action Enhancement Trigger equipped with a Glock Gen3 factory trigger bar (for $99.95), and the second is the trigger by itself (for $79.95). Obviously, the standalone trigger requires the user to provide their own factory trigger bar.

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