BattlBox, a company that ships out a monthly box of hand-picked tactical, survival and EDC gear from a number of innovative manufacturers, just unveiled their latest box. This month, Battlbox is getting into the spirit of Halloween with the Mission 8 Zombie Box, which comes with tinder, 100′ paracord, a paracord-wrapped ‘Zombie Knife’, an SOG survival hawk tomahawk, a ‘Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink’, and much more. In other words, if you want to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, this is the box to get!

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Battlbox currently offers four subscription options. The ‘basic’ plan is $24.99 and comes with 4-7 hand selected items each month. With the ‘advanced’ plan, which costs $49.99, you’ll get the same 4-7 products that come in the Basic package, plus 2-3 more which are usually higher priced, like a tactical pen, camp stove and more. Described by Battlbox as the option for the serious professional, the ‘Pro’ plan at $99.99 includes all the products in the basic and advanced plans, as well as 1-2 additional items, such as a concealed carry holster, tactical belt, etc. Finally, the ‘Pro Plus’ option — at a cost of $149.99 — is for the collector. This box comes with everything in the other plans, but you’ll also get one high-quality knife each month. Expect something from a high-quality manufacturer such as Kershaw, Spyderco, Mantis, Perkin, Columbia River Knife, 5.11, Gerber, Leatherman, Schrade, SOG and more.

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Sign up now at and use the code SURVIVORTEN to get 10% off your first box!

Basic Box Contents

  • Zombie Tinder
  • Zombie Paracord Bead
  • Zombie Survival Sardine Can
  • Zombie Hunter PVC morale patch
  • Zombie Emergency Response Team PVC morale patch
  • Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink

Advanced Box Contents (In Addition To Above)

  • Paracord Wrapped Zombie Knife
  • Wazoo Survival Gear DIY Zombie Paracord Bracelet

Pro Box Contents (In Addition To Above)

  • Zombie Paracord x 100’
  • SOG Survival Hawk Tomahawk
  • Zombie Target Poster

Pro Plus Box Contents (In Addition To Above)

  • Morkniv Bushcraft Survival Carbon Steel Fixed Blade

For more information about Battlbox, visit

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