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The following is a press release from Bruce Piatt Training Concepts

World Champion competitive shooter Bruce Piatt won the 2015 NRA World Shooting Championship title. Presented with a $25,000 check at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, Piatt out-gunned 218 competitors. The three day match held September 24-26, 2015 included twelve individual stages combining all of the major shooting disciplines into one match which played to Piatt’s natural shooting abilities and years of experience.

Competitors stepped up to the line of fire each day with ammunition and firearms donated by the event sponsors which added an unknown element to the normal confidence factor. Stage designs included the full spectrum of the shooting sports such as, NRA Bullseye, Bianchi Cup Mover, Wobble Trap, 5-Stand with shotguns, Precision 50 yard standing with .22 rimfire rifles, 500 to 700 yard Precision and Speed stages with high power rifles and USPSA pistols, Cowboy Action, 3-Gun and a 2-Gun Carbine stage to test competitors agility and gun manipulation.

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Unlike many top competitors who dedicate themselves to shooting one discipline throughout their careers, Piatt’s 30 years of competing has included or spent time shooting anything he could fit into his competition schedule. Piatt said, “If it goes bang, you can count me in whether it’s Sportsman’s Team Challenge, SOF Tactical, Precision Long Range, and Bianchi Cup I’ll shoot anything.” This match was the exact place where his lifetime of experience would pay off.

Piatt’s shooting talent has always been his ability to shoot consistently and technically break down a course of fire that plays to his strengths. Despite the weather being unpredictable with winds kicking up, Piatt’s shooting across a valley of swirling winds at 500 to 700 yards had little effect on his accuracy.

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Bruce Piatt is a seasoned World Champion professional competitor winning multiple world and national championships. Dominating the shooting sports for more than 28 years, Piatt’s lists of accomplishments as a former Law Enforcement Officer and in the shooting sports is staggering. Winning USPSA Law Enforcement Division National Championship 20 times, a five time Bianchi Cup National Champion and a five time winner of the Soldier of Fortune World Tactical 3-Gun Championship to name a few. Piatt is the founder of Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC., offering Police, Military & Civilian shooting instruction and offers Custom 1911 build by hand gunsmith classes.

For more information about Bruce Piatt World Champion professional competitor or to schedule a class at Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC., visit: or email [email protected]. Be sure to follow Bruce on Facebook and @brucepiatt on Twitter.

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