When I was visiting the home of Console Vault owner Tom Duengel, he showed me some of his company’s wall safes. These are safes that go directly into the wall between the studs. One of these hidden wall safes is called the Covert II. It looks like the same type of LCD screen that would be found in a home or office. You flip down the screen and can then open the safe, which is made of 13-gauge steel. The wall safe is large enough to hold two handguns and extra ammunition.

Another impressive wall safe I saw is called the Red Herring. It looks like an electrical box and even has warnings about high voltage on it. To open the safe, you can use a combination lock, or, for quick access, pull down on one of the “high voltage” switches that nobody in their right mind would touch unless they knew it was a gun safe. Like the Covert II, the Red Herring can fit two handguns and extra ammunition.

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