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The following is a press release from Crimson Trace

As more Americans are carrying concealed firearms for self-defense, questions arise on what items—beyond a firearm—should be carried to be better prepared for all most situations. Crimson Trace offers this easy-to-follow checklist with guidance points to help aid with preparations.

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The Crimson Trace Concealed Carry Checklist includes:

· Handgun: Loaded? Safety activated?
· Holster or purse: Serviceable or concealable?
· Ammunition: Spare magazine or rounds?
· Laser sight: Operational? Visit to consult the owner’s manual.
· Concealed carry permit and driver’s license or ID: Current?
· Keys: For vehicle, home and office?
· Cellphone: Battery charged?
· Flashlight: Operational?
· Cash and/or credit/debit card.
· Pocket Knife or multi-tool.
· Watch.
· Spare eyeglasses or contact lens.
· Extra medication (if required).

No one can anticipate every situation that could be encountered on the streets or every front doorstep in the US. The basic checklist items are among the top items carried by several concealed carry experts. Crimson Trace urges all firearms owners to ALWAYS follow safe firearm handling guidelines and remain alert when carrying concealed.

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More details about laser sights—and their many advantages when installed on compact concealed carry handguns—can be found at That website offers nearly 200 laser sight and light products and a large assortment of holsters. Free details on holsters for concealed carry can also be found at

Crimson Trace is the industry leader in establishing laser sights are standard equipment on concealed carry and self-defense firearms. Full details on Crimson Trace products can be found at Crimson Trace laser sights and lights help Americans from coast to coast to defend themselves, their families, their homes— and their country. Many Crimson Trace products are also used by military soldiers and law enforcement officers around the globe. Crimson Trace is Proudly American. Call the company at 800-442-2406 for additional details or to place an order.

Crimson Trace-based in Wilsonville, Oregon-is the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems. The company’s many innovations, include: Lasergrips®, Laserguard® and Lightguard™ — all with Instinctive Activation ™–plus the Defender Series™ and Rail Master®. These products are engineered and manufactured in the USA. To reach Crimson Trace, visit or call 800-442-2406.

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