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A man is dead after a failed home invasion in southeast Georgia early last week.

According to Jacksonville.com, police responded to a burglary call just before 8 p.m. at a home located on Cedar Ridge Road in Folkston. Upon arrival, they discovered the unresponsive body of 40-year-old Jonathan Green at the edge of the front yard. Charlton County Coroner Robert Roberson declared him dead at the scene.

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Police entered the home and found a 75-year-old woman lying on her bedroom floor with a gash on her forehead. Her 64-year-old sister was in another room with minor injuries.

As Jacksonville.com reports, the younger victim told the authorities she was being choked by Green but managed to escape. The man left the room and the victim took advantage of the situation by grabbing a small-caliber handgun.

When Green returned to her room, she shot him three times.

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Charlton County Sheriff Dobie Conner said the man fled the house through the front door. Blood was found inside the home, on the front porch and in the front yard.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, but this appears to be a justified self-defense shooting.

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