An armed robbery at an Indianapolis restaurant over the weekend has prompted the owner to offer a 25 percent discount for customers with a concealed carry permit.

Art Bouvier, the owner of Papa Roux Po-Boys And Cajun Eats, told the Indianapolis Star that a man walked into his restaurant at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday evening and ordered a meal. When shift leader Hannah Watts returned to the counter, she heard him say “Don’t move” before snatching a wad of bills from the nearby tip jar.

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“I froze,” Watts said. “There was something about his voice.”

The suspect said he had a gun — though it was never shown — and ordered Watts and another employee to open the cash register. He stole an undisclosed amount of money and fled the scene.

Bouvier praised the professionalism of his employees, stating that nobody in the restaurant was aware of the situation until the robber had already left. Even so, the incident has prompted Bouvier — whom the Star describes as a strong supporter of the Second Amendment — to offer up a 25 percent discount for customers who can show they have a concealed carry permit.

“I don’t want Papa Roux to turn into the O.K. Corral,” Bouvier told The Indianapolis Star, “but I don’t want to be an easy target.”

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As the Star reports, the concealed carry discount has upset a few loyal customers, but Bouvier is undeterred.

“A few loyal customers have said they’ll be avoiding Papa Roux because of my stance, and that’s a little disheartening. But it’s minuscule compared to the overwhelming support,” he said. “It’s a shame that some people feel they need to stay away. They’ll go out to eat with the possibility that a criminal will bring a gun in, but they’ll stay away if they think customers might be carrying. That’s weird to me.”

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