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A North Carolina man won’t be charged in the fatal shooting of a violent would-be robber last Friday morning.

Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid told WBTV that officers responded to reports of gunfire at a home located in the 4400 block of Athens Drive in Newton around 8 a.m. and discovered the body of David Darty inside the home.

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The Sheriff said the shooter — identified as Logan Jett — received a text from 22-year-old Debbi Jo Albright asking him to come to the home. Upon arrival, WSOC TV says he was attacked with a club by Darty.

Fortunately, Jett was armed. He managed to draw his gun and open fire on Darty, shooting him multiple times.

Jett fled the scene and knocked on a neighbor’s door asking for help.

That neighbor, identified by WSOC TV only as Brandon, happened to be armed as well. He described what happened next.

“When he had a gun, I automatically pointed a gun at him,” said Brandon. “That’s for my safety, because if he had pointed his, it probably would have been game over. I’m not going to lie.”

Sheriff Reid told WBTV that all the suspects involved in the shooting are known to police and have a history of drug use.

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“It goes back to what most law enforcement knows,” the sheriff said. “90-95 percent of the crimes that occur – occur because of some type of narcotics, either subject were high on the drugs and commit a crime and they may need money to keep up with their habit.”

Catawba County Sheriff officials said Jett would not be charged in the shooting. Debbi Jo Albright and Nicholas Smith — who was also in the home at the time of the shooting — have been charged with attempted armed robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

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