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If you want to protect yourself and look good while doing it, check out the line of stylish pepper sprays offered by New York-based Blingsting. Their “Sweet Heart” 1/2 ounce OC pepper spray comes in a Pink rhinestone case with a gold key chain clip, while the “Golden Girl” pepper spray is available in a Gold rhinestone case with a gold key chain clip. In all, there are eight pepper sprays to choose from. MSRP is $22.00. Visit the full collection here, and read the Blingsting story below, as told by founder and creative director Andi Atteberry.

“My mom and I like sparkly things, and our world somewhat revolves around anything that can be exclusively classified as ‘super cute’. My dad has been bringing home pepper spray key chains that he bought at his carwash for years. It was a nice thought and a good idea, but they never saw the light of day on our key chains because they were so unattractive. A few Christmases ago my mom bought me a pink bedazzled tape dispenser and stapler, right around the time my dad brought home another pair of ugly pepper sprays. We realized that if pepper spray were sparkly and cute, it would actually get used. And, if it were covered in crystals and could clip on to our bags, that would be even better. That night, my dad came up with the name, blingsting. At that point, there was just no turning back. So, I put everything in motion with the help of a good friend, and four years later, here we are.”

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