Almost 115 years ago, the 9mm cartridge was designed by Austrian Georg Luger, to meet a military requirement. To say that it has achieved success in the military milieu would be an understatement. Today, the “sun never sets” on the 9mm cartridge, as users from American law enforcement to Special Forces around the world pack a pistol with the “Parabellum” cartridge. Free citizens utilize it in sport-shooting events and for protection of life and family.

The cartridge itself has evolved from a basic full metal jacket projectile, to intricately designed hollow points, to sintered metal, non-toxic, disintegrating bullets, to even a “snake load” like a miniature shotgun shell (which your correspondent has successfully utilized). While Luger designed a cartridge for the centuries, it fell to another Austrian near the end of the 20th century, Gaston Glock, to design a pistol that would become a pinnacle of reliability. The Glock “Pistole 80” became the Glock 17 (so named because it was Mr. Glock’s 17th company project), which in turn has generated a whole family of different Glock pistols for the 9mm cartridge.

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