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The following is a press release from SEAL 1

SEAL 1 makes it convenient and quick to cover larger areas of firearms and machinery.

Hold SEAL 1 CLP Plus spray just four inches away from an item and it will print a one-inch cover. For larger pieces of gear – like the internals of an AR or AK, for example, back up a bit and the wider spray area is terrific for quick and complete coverage.

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SEAL 1 CLP Plus spray has the same cleaning, lubricating and protective properties of SEAL 1’s thicker liquid and paste, but the spray adds convenience when covering larger surfaces. In fact, SEAL 1 CLP Plus has recently been adopted by companies in the aviation industry to protect and lubricate fixed wing and helicopter mechanisms.

SEAL 1 CLP Plus is non-toxic and safe to use on your gear. It will not attack metal or dry out and get gummy because it has no petroleum products, ammonia, vegetable oils or vegetable esters. SEAL 1 CLP Plus is also a USDA Certified Biobased Product and therefore not harmful to people and animals.

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SEAL 1 CLP Plus can be sprayed directly on items to be protected, sprayed on rags for application, or even on cleaning patches (it attacks both carbon and copper fouling). It can even be dribbled on a Q-Tip. Another great feature of SEAL 1 CLP Plus is that it works in cold conditions down to -50 degrees F.

A six-ounce spray aerosol can of SEAL 1 CLP Plus has a suggested retail price of $22.75. That size will easily take care of many dozens of larger and complicated firearms such as heavy – machine guns.

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We use the above example so you can see it will last a good while with more conventional firearms and other equipment – sort of like the old Brylcreem hair care ad that went “a little dab’ll do ya.” Then again, most of you under 40 will not know what the heck we are talking about.

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