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Every day we’re seeing examples of defensive gun use being reported in the United States, and today is no different as a 65-year-old woman shot a would-be burglar in the leg in the garage of her St. Louis home.

According to the Associated Press, the shooting took place a few nights ago in the city’s Dutchtown neighborhood. The homeowner was with her son when the two heard the alarm go off.

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The two went to the garage, where they encountered the 55-year-old suspect rummaging through a pile of bags.

By this point, the homeowner had grabbed a handgun, which she drew as she told the burglar to leave.

Police said the man turned toward her, and, fearing he was about to start a physical confrontation with her, she opened fire. The suspect then began fighting with the homeowner’s son, and the homeowner fired another shot.

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As KTVI reports, the suspect was found with a gunshot wound to each leg later in a neighbor’s yard. He was transported to an area hospital and is currently in stable condition.

Police said charges will not be filed against the 65-year-old homeowner.

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