If you’ve been looking for shooting gear but aren’t sure where to begin, simply sign up for the TacPack and have all-new tactical accessories, EDC Gear, essential tools, cleaning supplies and apparel/hats/gloves delivered right to your front door. The TacPack is a gift box that provides “shooters/hunters/outdoorsmen with a system of receiving quality/emerging products on a monthly basis so they can ‘try new stuff,'” according to the company website. Users can subscribe for 1, 6 or 12 months, with the option to cancel at any time with no strings attached.

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To give you an idea of what’s included, the most recent TacPack for the month of September comes with a titanium EDC tool called the Ti-Shark from EOS Cases, a grip from Strike Industries, a trigger guard from Strike Industries, a Hexmag DTOM magazine sticker from DesignHex, and a Torx tool from Kershaw. Meanwhile, the August TacPack contains a pair of coyote tan Mechanix Wear gloves, an ArmaSpec TCB (Tactical Combat Button), a Paracord bracelet, Glowshot targets, an MTM case for .223/5.56, and a spare pistol case.

About TacPack

TacPack Subscription Gun/Gear Gift boxes were created because:
1. It’s an excellent gift idea for shooters, hunters, outdoorsmen, and survivalists.
2. It’s fun to get a new surprise box each month loaded with all sorts of gear.
3. It’s a way to become introduced to new/emerging products in the gun/shooting industry.

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