The following is a press release from TALON Grips, Inc.

TALON Grips, Inc., the manufacturer of custom grips for over 190 different firearms, has introduced a 1911 grip. The grip provides full front strap coverage from the trigger guard to the magazine well. It fits the Mil-Spec 1911 and can be easily modified to fit other 1911 models.

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The 1911 front strap grip retails for $5.99 and is an affordable functional alternative to a $250 hand checkering job. TALON Grips can be easily installed by the gun’s user in minutes. The grip is less than .5 mm thick so there is no noticeable increase in grip size. The front strap grip doesn’t interfere with removal of the side grip panels or the main spring housing, allowing for regular gun maintenance and cleaning.

“The 1911 is a time tested, legendary firearm that is largely unchanged since its inception. When we were asked by our customers to design a 1911 grip, we reviewed several 1911s in order to design a versatile grip that fits most 1911 models. The outcome was a front strap grip that provides maximum coverage from the trigger guard to the mag well.” said Michael Morris, lead designer and president of TALON Grips.

TALON Grips was founded by a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and armorer to enhance shooter comfort, consistency, and weapon retention. The patented TALON Grips provide maximum grip coverage in custom designs for over 190 firearms. The laser cut designs are available in rubber and granulate textures for different applications and user preferences. TALON Grips improve weapon retention, encourage quicker target acquisition, and allow more accurate follow up shots with better recoil mitigation.

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Founded in 2009 and located in Steamboat Springs, CO, TALON Grips are 100% made in USA. TALON Grips are used by the US military, law enforcement, competitive shooters, and firearms enthusiasts. TALON Grips are available at select retailers or direct at

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