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California-based Trident Trigger has made two new trigger kits available to the general public: the 4 lb Tactical Trigger Parts kit and the 3 lb Marksman kit. Normally sold to AR 10/15 rifle manufacturers, the single stage trigger breaks clean at three or four pounds. Each trigger is hand tuned, measured and fitted, and is better than mil-spec triggers by improving these three major qualities: minimized creep, clean break and reduced pull weight. These are full power hammers and springs which means no light primer strikes and the utmost in reliability. In addition, these triggers fit both 5.56 and 7.62 lowers with small pin (.154″) configuration. The 4 lb trigger kit is available at a MSRP of $75.00, while the 3 lb marksman kit for varmint or target shooting retails for $85.00. See below for additional details.

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* Manufacturer: Trident Trigger
* Type: Single Stage
* Trigger Bow: Curved
* Adjustable: Non-adjustable
* Pull Weight: 4.0 lbs / 3.0 lbs
* 1st Stage: N/A
* 2nd Stage: N/A
* Pin Size: Small Pin (.154″)

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* Full power springs and hammer
* Minimized creep
* Reduced trigger pull weight
* Clean break

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