The following is a press release from Beretta

Beretta is now shipping an upgraded version of its Pico .380 handgun. This version of the model comes with easier operation and a more robust offering of accessories.

The Beretta Pico .380 is the thinnest, and softest-shooting deep concealment pistol on the market today. The upgraded model offers a lighter trigger pull and easier slide operation.

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Early feedback from the marketplace indicated there was room for improvement so Beretta took this information and went back to manufacturing to work specifically on the slide and the trigger.

“Meeting the needs and wants of our customers is important to Beretta and the adjustments we’ve made to the PICO are a reflection of that,” said Rafe Bennett Vice President of Product Marketing for Beretta USA.

Now with the availability of a full line of accessories, the Pico is the most flexible and modular .380 concealed carry pistols on the market. Holsters are available, as are light and laser Grip frame accessories to allow for a range of personal preferences and its modular chassis design make this customization simple to do. Grip frames also come in a variety of colors and are easily changed.

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The upgraded Beretta Pico is available at major leading outdoor retailers as well as authorized and stocking Beretta dealers

More information about the upgraded Pico as well as the complete offering of accessories can be found on the Beretta website.

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