Comp-Tac Cavalry 

Designed specifically for pocket pistol-sized firearms, the new inside-the-waistband Cavalry hybrid holster from Comp-Tac is ready for everyday carry. The Kydex holster features leather backing for comfort, tension screws for retention adjustment, durable nylon clips for ensuring a secure hold, and cant and ride depth adjustability. It is available in both right- and left-hand variants. For more information, visit or call 866-441-9157.

G42/G43 GTUL

To make disassembly and cleaning of your Glock 42 and 43 magazines as easy as possible, take a look at the new G42/43 GTUL. Release the locking tabs and preserve your floorplates and magazines with a product designed specifically to make this task easier. Made from tough polymer, this affordable addition to your tool kit will be a great choice. For more information, visit or call 757-647-0805.

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G43 Mag Extensions

While the Glock 43 is a compact and powerful defensive carry pistol, some may want a little more firepower than its standard 6+1 capacity allows. New from GlockStore is the G43 Magazine Extension, Item #T1492, offering +1 or +2 increases in capacity (while a +0 variant is available for those who just want the extra grip area). It is manufactured from billet aluminum and is offered in black or silver. For more, call 800-601-8273 or visit

Hazard 4 Shoreleave 

While your carry gun may be small, sometimes you need a big bag during travel for the rest of your stuff. If so, then look no further than the ShoreLeave bag from Hazard 4. The luggage-sized bag features very rugged construction and wheels for easy transport. The top opens like a conventional duffle while multiple organization pockets are featured throughout. It is available in black or coyote and offers MOLLE/Velcro areas on external surfaces. For more information, visit or call 626-344-1454.

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Wright Leather Predator

The Predator from Wright Leather Works is an outside-the-waistband, pancake-style holster that is low profile and slim for easy concealment. It features a stiffening strap across the front of the holster to keep its mouth open for holstering and a custom cut body shield that fits your specified gun and will not interfere with your draw. The holster has 1.75-inch belt slots that are punched so the holster rides at a 15-degree cant. For more information, visit or call 419-307-6191.

SCCY Blue Pistols

New from SCCY Firearms is the Blue Pistol series made up of four new versions of the company’s popular 9mm pistol. The four new models are the blued-slide SCCY CPX-1-CBSB and CPX-2-CBSB along with the two-tone stainless slide versions, the CPX-1-TTSB and CPX-2-TTSB. The difference between the CPX-1 and CPX-2 is the latter’s inclusion of a manual safety. For more information, visit or call 866-729-7599.

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