At its most basic level, reloading is simply putting powder, primer and ball back into a cartridge case, and while all of the components are necessary, powder is arguably one of the most important. It is also the one of the steps in the process that, if you mess up, you won’t find out until it’s too late. Too much powder or the wrong kind can lead to overpressure; forget the powder entirely and you have a squib load. Either way, the results can be very bad. Modern reloading powders have been fine-tuned to give shooters exacting performance and can be tailored to produce lower recoil, higher velocities and less muzzle flash. They can also be specific to rifles, pistols or shotguns, so choose wisely and follow the loading manuals.


Alliant Powder

Accurate Powders


IMR Legendary Powders

Winchester Powders


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