For competition shooters, the gear they wear matters. Beyond the critical effectiveness of that gear, cost is always a factor. Most shooters do not have budgets that allow for endless lockers of gear, so they need to choose wisely. One area where corners are sometimes cut is in eyewear. There is simply not enough money to provide a spectrum of glasses for every scenario. Thanks to Angel 7 Industries, that is about to change.

Angel 7’s new Ghost Shield glasses are revolutionary. They are some of the clearest and quickest-reacting photochromic glasses available. According to Angel 7, Ghost Shield technology enables eyewear and eye protection systems to automatically adjust to any lighting condition much faster than any other photochromic technology on the market. Eyewear systems utilizing Ghost Shield technology are almost completely clear, and they return to clear almost three times faster than any other photochromic glasses on the market today.

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An additional and crucial component to these glasses is their ballistic strength. The Ghost Shield design offers great protection without compromising lens thickness, optical clarity or increasing weight. To prove this point, Angel 7 Industries fired a 12-gauge shotgun at the glasses from a close distance. While there was obviously some scarring and scratches on the lenses, there was ultimately no penetration of pellets through the glasses.

Seeing Is Believing

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“You must be able to see your targets in order to deal with them. The Angel 7 Ghost Shield glasses are designed to meet and exceed those requirements.”

While technical data and strong company histories are a good base to work from, it always comes down to the product. I found the Ghost Shield glasses to be as good as advertised, if not better. I brought them along to a law enforcement course I ran and put them through their paces. The class had students and cadre in and out of buildings constantly—sunlight to low light and back again, repeatedly. The glasses performed as advertised and proved to be clearer than I could imagine. Until you experience the difference between the Ghost Shield and other glasses, it is difficult to explain how much clearer they are. To say it was noticeable would be the understatement of a lifetime.

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The glasses provided complete eye coverage both vertically and horizontally. This was especially noticeable when I got down onto my rifle optic. The lack of a top frame bar gets rid of any vision impairments associated with so many other glasses. This is especially helpful for team members that may end up behind a riflescope. The Ghost Shield glasses provide crystal-clear vision that does not interfere with scoped rifle shooting.

From flying debris to blowing dust, there are countless things that can interfere with a competitor’s vision. Anything affecting crystal-clear vision can have serious consequences. You must be able to see your targets in order to deal with them. The Angel 7 Ghost Shield glasses are designed to meet and exceed those requirements. Every once in a while a product comes along that truly changes the game. Ghost Shield is that product.

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