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Bigfoot Gun Belts are made with a durable spring-steel core, which will provide your sidearm with the support it rightfully deserves. Instead of using lesser plastic materials or no core materials like other gun belt companies, a small number of skilled craftsmen insert a spring-steel core between two layers of drum dyed leather to provide a superior strength to your open or concealed carry.

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Your sagging belt days are over!

These steel reinforced gun belts are available in 14 oz. or 18 oz. leather, depending on your preference and the weight of your sidearm. For the heavier carry, we recommend our 18 oz. belt with core.

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Feel the strength of steel for as low as $59.88, and learn why open and concealed carriers are making the switch to Bigfoot Gun Belts. Learn more about this legendary leather belt series at

About Bigfoot Gun Belts

Nestled between the pines of North Idaho, Bigfoot Gun Belts is proud to call the Inland Northwest home. This privately owned and operated company produces only the highest quality gun belts at an affordable price. For more information about Bigfoot Gun Belts, visit our website

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