Building on the popularity of the company’s Big Bear CA and Brown Bear CA California-approved models released in 2014, Bond Arms has released four new variants for the state. New to the series is the CA Mama Bear, the California Defender, the CA Backup and the CA Papa Bear.

All four variants feature a rebounding hammer, retracting firing pins, a crossbolt safety and a spring-loaded cammed locking lever. The locking lever provides a tighter barrel/frame fit and rapid loading and unloading. The CA Papa Bear also has an automatic extractor. The new models come with specially designed, California-approved barrels instead of the company’s signature interchangeable barrels.

The CA Papa Bear is in .45 Colt and features extended rubber grips with the California Bear. MSRP is $452. The CA Mama Bear is in 9mm and features pink-stained rosewood grips with a CA Mama Bear logo. MSRP is $445. The California Defender is also in 9mm and features rosewood grips with the California Bear. MSRP is $445. The CA Backup, also in 9mm, sports rubber grips and has an MSRP of $445.

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