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A Chattanooga couple stopped a home invasion in progress early Thursday morning, marking the second incident at their house in less than a week.

According to WTVC NewsChannel9, the Buckland family was awoken by the sound of breaking glass in their home last Sunday, prompting them to go out and buy a security system and a handgun.

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“Those were the best purchases we ever made for this house,” said Andrew Buckland.

Just days later, on Thursday morning at 3:15 a.m., four masked teenagers were caught on security camera using a tire iron to break into the Buckland home through the back door. Two suspects ran off before entering the home, while the other two continued on.

The two remaining suspects entered the Buckland’s bedroom and sprayed Andrew in the face with Mace. They then started demanding money.

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Knowing their six-year-old daughter was asleep in a nearby bedroom, Andrew’s wife, Jessica, stalled the home invaders by pretending to search for money, giving Andrew time to grab his gun. Once he pointed his weapon at the suspects, they took off running.

“My only thought was to get the gun and protect my family. Even being directly Maced in the face, my adrenaline was going so hard that I could see for about three minutes before it took effect,” Andrew told WTVC.

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Police continue to investigate the home invasion, but have yet to make an arrest. They praised the actions of the Bucklands.

“Every person has the right to defend themselves. I think in these circumstances, there is absolute justification in feeling in fear for your life,” Officer Mark Frazer said.

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