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The following is a press release from CMC Mags

The unique design of the McCormick Integral Feed Ramp in the new CMC Mags 9mm extra capacity magazine is larger than in any other magazine. It is the ideal angle for the smoothest transition from the magazine to the chamber of the barrel. The anti-tilt stainless steel follower provides extra lift as the 10 rounds travel up the magazine tube. The extra strength of the feed lips makes this the number one choice by 1911 manufacturers’ custom shops. The new XP 10-Rd 9mm magazine is the ultimate in reliability for 1911 pistols chambered for the 9mm cartridge. When Combat Handguns readers order online, they get free shipping.


Shortly after winning his first World Speed Shooting Championship title in 1986, Chip McCormick entered the enormously competitive area of manufacturing performance products for 1911 type pistols. 30 years later he continues to improve his designs in order to meet the requirements of knowledgeable 1911 pistol owners. 


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