The following is a press release from Defense Solutions Group, Inc.

Defense Solutions Group, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new inside-waistband concealed carry kydex holster to the DSG Alpha Holster Series. The CDC (Compact Discreet Carry) Holster is designed for low-profile all-day wear, with an adjustable cant for both appendix or behind the hip belt placement. The rubber-mounted belt clips are designed to easily slide onto standard size 1.5” or 1.75” belts, locking securely in place. The CDC Holster comes with an engineered sight channel for night sights, as well as adjustable weapon retention.

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The DSG Arms CDC Holster, priced at $49-retail, is currently available in the following models: Glock 17, 19, 26, 42, and Glock 43.

Models for the Sig Sauer P320/P320C/P229, Ruger LCP, M & P Shield in 9mm and .40, and the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard are in the production plans for 2016.


  • Adjustable cant: upright/vertical for appendix OR forward for behind the hip
  • Smooth kydex texture for comfortable carry
  • Rubber mounted belt clip for easy on-and-off the belt
  • Belt clip designed for secure retention through daily activities
  • Adjustable weapon retention
  • Engineered sight channel for night sights
  • Smooth draw

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ADJUSTABLE CANT & RETENTION: Holster is delivered in an upright/vertical cant. Adjust holster cant by loosening screw on right side of belt clip and re-positioning the left-side belt clip screw to the second available hole. Tighten both screws snugly after adjusting cant. Adjust weapon retention by tightening or loosening the two tension screws on lower right-side of holster

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