Shooting reactive targets is not just more fun on the range—it’s also better for training when compared to paper targets. In a real defensive situation, the threat will react when shot or sometimes just when shot at. The downside with shooting steel is that bullets will ricochet, as anyone who has been peppered with this type of shrapnel can attest. For rifles, the situation is even worse and you simply cannot shoot steel targets at close range.

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FAB Defense, makers of tactical equipment and weapon accessories, has come up with a target system that can be used in both indoor and outdoor ranges with both rifles and pistols at extremely close distances. The RTS Self-Healing Static Target is made from a high-density polymer that can take thousands of hits. The basic silhouette shape is 24 inches tall and 13.5 inches wide and can be dressed for shoot/don’t shoot drills.

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The kit includes the weighted base, the target stand and targets all made from the same high-density polymer for extended use and durability. Most interesting, however, is the variety of the targets themselves. There are reactive targets that fall down when shot with adjustable sensitivity (fall when shot once or only when shot multiple times), reactive targets that scream when shot (you can use one of their screams or record your own), low-light targets that flash when hit or simulate enemy fire, and target counters that digitally display the number of hits.


FAB Defense also offers more traditional plate-shaped targets that can fall, swing or spin also made from the same non-ricocheting material, as well as entire range kits with multiple targets included. The targets are available in black, blue, green, red, yellow or white to fit any training need.

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