In 2013, Federal Premium made law enforcement’s top duty round available to the public by creating the HST. This year, the product line is even stronger thanks to the new .380 ACP offering.

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HST ammunition provides consistent expansion, optimum penetration and terminal performance that raise the bar for micro-sized handguns. Its specially designed hollow point won’t plug, and the jacket and core hold together to provide almost 100-percent weight retention. The construction ensures micro-sized handguns deliver the power needed for personal defense situations.

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The 99-grain HST bullet’s exclusive design delivers best-in-caliber expansion, out-performing most other leading factory brands in .380 ACP. The result is full-sized terminal performance from a compact platform. Performance tests were based on bullet and crush cavity diameters versus loadings from competing manufacturers; tested with a micro handgun in .380 ACP with a 2.75-inch barrel fired into 10 percent ballistics gelatin at 10 feet.

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About Federal Premium

Since 1922, Federal Premium® Ammunition has been providing hunters and shooters with high-quality shotshell, centerfire and rimfire ammunition. For more information about their products, visit

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