When it’s time to leave the confines of your vehicle, you’ll need a place on your body for your pocket-sized gun to ride along.

Good pocket holsters are certainly useful, carrying a primary or a backup handgun. Recluse Holsters’ patented holsters have a novel approach to addressing some common pocket-holster problems. Many attempt to mask the handgun’s outline but fail. Recluse holsters incorporate a large piece of leather facing the outside of the pocket, completely obscuring the handgun’s outline.

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Numerous pocket holsters envelope the handgun, preventing a good firing grip before drawing. To overcome that propensity, Recluse One Sided Holsters are open on the body side. Without a handgun in the holster, it looks like a one-sided leather pouch with a polymer plug near the pouch’s center. With the handgun in place, it is easy to see that the polymer plug (trigger block) fits snuggly in the triggerguard, with the trigger in a groove. Along with the muzzle pouch at the holster’s bottom, the block holds handguns securely in place.

Two One Sided Holsters, a right-handed model for the Diamondback DB9 and a lefty for a Crimson Trace laser-equipped Kahr PM9 arrived. I examined them carefully and found excellent workmanship. With empty pistols, I began working with the holsters to evaluate their function. During the draw, the hand slides into the pocket, prying the handgun from the block while establishing a firing grip. With very little practice, it’s smooth and quick. To reholster, remove the holster from the pocket (where they remain during the draw) and replace the handgun.

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Recluse holsters have an interesting, very functional design. Considering how they solve the problems found in many pocket holsters, Recluse holsters are definitely worth considering!

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