KC Eusebio, KC Eusebio competitive shooting
(Photo by KC Eusebio/Facebook)

The following is a press release from Atlanta Arms

Atlanta Arms is pleased to announce an open overall match (Pro Division) win for Atlanta Arms from shooter KC Eusebio, at the 2015 Pro-Am Southeast Regional Championship in Covington, GA on November 5-8, 2015.

Eusebio dominated the 200 plus steel knockdown targets during eight stages of competition. He selected to use 9mm 115 FMJ select brand ammunition as opposed to a custom load to demonstrate the capabilities of Atlanta Arms range ammo.

“I am proud to represent Atlanta Arms at the highest level of competition and love knowing my ammo is the best,” said Eusebio.

KC Eusebio’s next match is the World Speed Shooting Championships in San Luis Obispo, CA on November 13-14.

About Atlanta Arms

Atlanta Arms, owned and operated by National and World Champion shooters, provides the finest commercially remanufactured and match grade ammunition made, using high quality bullets, powder, and primers. Made in the USA. For more information and the full range of products currently offered by Atlanta Arms, please visit www.AtlantaArms.com.


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