Getting ready for IPSC/USPSA Open Division? Then you need a rig that can keep up! The Safariland Open Class Competition holster body is machined out of aluminum to stabilize the handgun and offers little resistance for a secure and fast draw. The holster features an injection-molded, adjustable triggerguard lock and the front nosepiece is designed to retain your handgun and help prevent the gun from being knocked out of a holster while seated.

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The design incorporates a lock for the weapon. With a simple push to the front, the lock secures the handgun into the trigger block. A simple slide to the rear and the trigger block is unlocked, allowing for a fast and efficient draw. This condition also retains the gun in the holster. The 014 Open and Limited Class Holster is designed to fit multiple guns, from standard-length handguns to handguns with compensators, by adjusting the length of the carriage.

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The holster mounts on the Model 032 ELS Competition Belt made for use with the Safariland’s Equipment Locking System (ELS) forks and plates. It features two rows of pre-cut holes running the full length of the belt, which facilitate easy mounting of two to four competition magazine holders.

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