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SIG SAUER, Inc., changed the way the world looked at handguns with the introduction of the modular P250® series. Now, with the introduction of the P250-22, that same versatility is available in a rimfire option.

Built on the same platform as the centerfire P250 variants, the P250-22 offers an affordable option for plinkers, instructors, and newer shooters. Chambered in the venerable .22LR cartridge, the P250-22 is a reliable, fun-to-shoot handgun for all levels of shooter.

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“The real benefit to the P250-22 lies in its ability to be converted to fire centerfire rounds, such as 9mm, .40 or .357SIG,” said John Brasseur, Director of Product Development for SIG SAUER, Inc. “This allows newer shooters to work up to the more powerful cartridges, and is a great tool for introducing youth to the shooting sports.”

The P250-22 features the same serialized fire control group as on centerfire models. This unit is the actual “firearm” and can be installed in a variety of grip modules. This versatility allows the P250-22 to be fit to any hand, and with the addition of an X-Change kit, can be converted to centerfire.

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Full-size, compact, and subcompact X-Change kits mean the P250-22 can be set up as a centerfire duty pistol, concealed carry gun or backup piece in seconds. The smooth double-action only trigger offers a consistent, clean trigger press, which stays the same regardless of the caliber or configuration.

“The P250-22 is truly a ‘one-gun’ solution,” Brasseur said. “Thanks to the wide variety of caliber and grip module options, the P250-22 can meet any need and fit any hand.”

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Offered in the Compact configuration, the P250-22 is now shipping to SIG SAUER® dealers across the nation. For more information, please visit us at

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P250-22 Compact

* Caliber: .22LR
* Action Type: DAO
* DA Trigger Pull: 6.5 lbs
* Overall Length: 7.2″
* Overall Height: 5.3″
* Overall Width: 1.4″
* Barrel Length: 3.9″
* Sight Radius: 5.8″
* Weight w/Mag: 21.2 oz
* Mag Capacity: 10 Rounds
* Sights: Adjustable or contrast sights
* Grips: Modular black polymer
* Frame Finish: Interchangeable grip shell with stainless steel serialized frame insert
* Slide Finish: Black hard coat
* Features: Centerfire modularity, replaceable grip modules, smooth DAO trigger
* MSRP: $434.00

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