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(Photo by Steyr Arms)

Watch a video review of the Steyr S9-A1 below!

The Steyr S9-A1 checks off a lot of the features on my list when I am looking for a concealed-carry pistol. To start with, this 9mm pistol is extremely reliable. As with many of the current generation of polymer-frame, striker-fired pistols, the gun simply runs well. I put more than a dozen different kinds of ammunition through it without a single hiccup. Standard pressure or +P, full metal jacket or self-defense hollow points—it didn’t matter. All of them fed and shot fine.

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Combined with reliability, accuracy is exceptionally important as well. What good is a handgun that can shoot if it won’t hit the target? For a self-defense handgun, I want something that will offer a balance of speed and accuracy. I found the S9-A1 was easy to keep on target during rapid-fire string. In addition to the quality of the internal components, the S9-A1’s ergonomics helped me run the gun quickly and accurately. Although slightly large for my hand, the grip still allowed me to have full control of the pistol while shooting. The low bore axis truly helped keep muzzle flip to a minimum.

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Steyr uses a triangular sighting system on these pistols. I was skeptical about how well the sights would work, but I quickly took to them. The front sight seems to be huge and is easy to get on target. The rear sight has two lines that box the front sight in and do so without being distracting in the least. I am intrigued by these sights and want to run these in a fast-paced self-defense class to see how they perform.

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The American branch of Steyr is based in Alabama, and in the best of Southern traditions, the company is full of hard workers that treat customers like members of their own family. Check out the video and keep your eyes peeled for a full review in the upcoming issue of POCKET PISTOLS. To order, visit

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