An inexpensive companion gun closely resembling the PPQ M2 is the C02-powered Walther PPQ air pistol manufactured by Umarex USA. While this gun is made of molded polymer (the interior mechanism is metal), at 21.6 ounces it has nearly the heft of the 24-ounce PPQ M2 that fires 9mm ammunition.

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The C02 version fits the hand nearly as well as the PPQ M2 does, offering a similar ergonomic feel and handling characteristics. Visually, this gun is virtually a dead ringer for the Walther-made pistol. Instead of three white dots, the sights sport yellow aiming dots. Again, the rear sight is adjustable for windage while the front sight is fixed. The large triggerguard is squared off in front, and an accessory rail underneath the muzzle accommodates lights or laser sights.

When it comes to operating the .177-caliber pistol, the real differences are quickly obvious. First, this gun has a manually operated safety lever on the right side of the receiver. This is easy to engage or disengage, and a red dot appears under the safety lever when the gun is ready to fire. Depressing a similar lever on the gun’s left side allows the forward half of the slide to move forward, exposing the rotary, eight-round magazine. Once a freshly loaded magazine is inserted and the slide moved rearward into battery, the gun is ready to fire.

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One big difference between the Walther PPQ M2 pistol and the .177-caliber version is the action of the trigger. While the PPQ M2 features one of the best, easiest-to-control single-action triggers available on any pistol, the C02 gun has a very hard DA trigger with a 9-pound-plus let-off.

Umarex did a great job of hiding the 12-gram C02 cartridge in the grip. Opening the base of the grip allows the backstrap to swing up to accommodate the cartidge. This is a very slick arrangement. With a fresh C02 cartridge in place, the Umarex/Walther would fire .177 pellets at 358 fps. Velocities were subsequently reduced with each firing, down to 315 fps before I changed C02 cartridges. Accuracy was good with .177 pellets, delivering 1.5-inch groups at 10 yards. BBs were noticeably less accurate, punching 3- and 4-inch groups at the same distance. MSRP is $81.

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