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A Chicago man used his concealed carry handgun to stop a burglar from rummaging through his parked car Sunday afternoon, and the entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera.

According to DNAinfo, David Ocon pulled up to his home in the Logan Square area, left the car unlocked and went inside. 15 minutes later, his son spotted the suspect from the kitchen window overlooking the driveway.

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“My kid tells me, ‘There’s someone in your car,'” Ocon said.

Ocon sprang into action. He went to his safe, grabbed his handgun, and headed outside.

“I went to chase him. I tripped down the stairs barefoot,” Ocon said. “I had my concealed-carry. I pointed at him and he ran.”

The video shows the burglar biking up to the parked car, going through the car for valuables, and biking away in a panic once he sees Ocon with his concealed carry handgun. Ocon says his home had been burglarized just two months prior to this incident, prompting him to install a security camera.

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As DNAinfo reports, the suspect managed to steal a debit card, a Nintendo DS and a military-grade knife from the vehicle.

Ocon says that prior to the burglary, he had seen the suspect riding his bike around the neighborhood.

“I just want to make sure our neighbors are aware,” Ocon said. “I’m not holding a grudge or anything. This is broad daylight at 3 p.m., and he just did not care. He was 30 feet from us, and we were eating lunch.”

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